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CANDAT is a computer software system which works cooperatively with the user to provide nutrient information.(see additional information under Products)

It is a research orientated tool that has features which respect research users' needs. For instance, it is possible to have more than one version of the master food file. A study begun in a previous period can continue to use a previous food file while other studies use a more up-to-date file. Subjects can be entered in multiple subject files and the files merged later, based on subject characteristics, to form an analysis group.

Validation listings of all inputs are produced so that data validity can be assured before calculations are made.

Reports can be produced in text files, automatically documented, so that the results can be smoothly merged into a statistical package and used with data collected from other sources.

Please go to the CANDAT website for more information and to get your trial version or to purchase it.

Home CANDAT Software